The Graduate Program in Pharmacology aims to promote the scientific mind of students and their integration with up-to-date information from the various areas of Pharmacology, enabling them to develop critically teach and research activities.

Classical pharmacological approaches and the latest molecular biology techniques are used to develop research projects.

The Program is nationally and internationally acknowledged, receiving the maximum grade from CAPES (initially A and later grade seven) since its foundation in 1970, having already graduated 352 masters and 282 Ph.D. professionals by December 2017. A recent survey showed that approximately 70% of graduates are in public teaching or research institutions, 8% in private institutions, 12% in a postdoc, and only 10% left academic life. These former students currently hold a prominent position in the teaching and research scenario in Pharmacology in Brazil. Regarding the international aspect, the laboratories related to the program maintain international collaborations, which result in joint projects and publications, mutual visits by researchers, and internships by our students in foreign laboratories.

The Graduate Program in Biological Sciences – Pharmacology relies on permanent professors and collaborators to maintain its quality and performance. Of the current 21 advisors, 16 are CNPq Research Fellows, six in category 1A, one in 1B, three in 1C, three in 1D, and three in 2. Moreover, four advisors are members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. These researchers have received financial resources from the main development agencies, such as CAPES, CNPq, and FAPESP.